Amongst the chaos, the clutter and everything else that seems to play as a distraction, this week is already halfway over, and it has been a rollercoaster ride.

Monday wasn’t my favorite day of the week, but then again, who claims Monday as their favorite day of the week? I went through insane amounts of coffee and tried to stay sane as kids talked, refused to work and ticked me off enough to get sent to the office. But my week was just getting started.

Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, I was up an hour earlier to get myself and my kids ready. They had to get to grandma’s so I could get to work early morning. My husband worked graveyard the previous night, so grandma took them to school. I left as school got out to grab my kids, got home to make dinner and sent husband to work shortly after that.

Between Monday and Tuesday, the students I have been teaching the last couple weeks are preparing for check in that they have to make sure they are on schedule to graduate. I wish I had this. Anyway, I offered to stay at school this week to allow them time to get some work done, no more than an hour. That day was Wednesday (today).

I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out, allowing kids to come in, get caught up and ask the necessary questions. Approximately a half dozen mentioned they wanted to come so that they can get help. I thought one or two would show up. Nope, most of them did plus a few more. I had them engaged, listening and most of them made good progress.

It warmed my heart.

Tomorrow is my last day, and it breaks my heart not knowing the outcome of the coming weeks. Will they get a new teacher or will I have the privilege of having them a little while longer? I enjoy being with these kids and to have them finally opening up to me, sharing stories, their fears, asking questions, I feel as if they are opening up. I have gotten requests from kids to have edits done on papers, advice on how to word their work, some of the seniors have asked that I write letters of recommendations. Seriously, my heart is full. I think it would be tragic for a new teacher to come in and have them close back up and have to start from square one again.

On a different note, Tuesday, in our district, ballots were counted. A bond and levy are currently passing, meaning Mt. View will get a new school, Shelton High will get a new building, and the other schools will be gaining improvements and such needed to make room and allow personal and academic growth.Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 7.54.49 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 7.55.57 PM.png
Screenshot provided by Keri Davidson (SSD)




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