I sit here with a fresh cup of coffee in my hand, taste testing the Silk coffee creamer, caramel flavor. It isn’t half bad, but for the price, I will stick to my International CoffeeHouse or CoffeeMate flavors of choice.

This week, I hope to set back into my writing adventure. A book that I have not touched in nearly six months awaits for attention. I have no clue how to finish it, yet feel like it needs filler. But to do that, I have decided I am going to sit down at a time in the evening and just write. I have longed since wanted to finish this and get it published someday. While I doubt 2017 will be the year it publishes in book form, I still hope I can turn it into an ebook, at least.

Finding tools that will help you write is crucial in any writer’s life. Building your characters, creating a timeline of events, keeping track of them from start to finish can be a blur. I have scoured the internet for several of my favorites, and I hope you find that you love them as well.

The first is from K.M. Weiland; I find her site to be useful in many ways. But this one I find helpful when making any edits to a draft. Asking yourself these few mistakes and making changes will boost your draft quickly. Common writing mistakes that we don’t often see, but once we look at it as a reader, we can spot those differences.

Ink and Quills is a blogger by the name of Kaitlyn; her site has tons of useful information, and the best part is, they are FREE! All you have to do is complete the registration by adding an email and first name. Then head into your email and confirm that mailing address. All prints are free and very useful when you are a pen and paper person and want to have physical copies in front of you. I can also mention the free ebook included.

Screen Shot 2017-01-25 at 1.25.53 PM.png

A character outline/biography is essential to creating a story that readers will attach themselves too. Novel-software has a printout on their website that is super simple and will create a complex character versus a 2-dimensional figure who doesn’t seem appealing.

My genre is romance, so I like to find sites that are useful with lots of tricks and ideas that will not only keep me engaged in writing but also my potential readers. Now Novel is an excellent resource that I go to on occasion, just to refresh myself of some of the things that are safe to use. For instance, making love come easy isn’t necessarily the best idea. There has to be a roadblock or hurdle that the main character and love interest have to get over first.

Another one I found while doing some research, Tomi Adeyemi. Subscribing to her page will also be simple but will give access to several writing tools. From signing up and skimming, these tools are very helpful!

There are so many tools that you can find on the internet to help keep you organized and writing professionally in no time, whether or not you want to be published. Pinterest has been my biggest inspiration for making notes and getting the courage to write a blog. Even in my daily life, I am getting to a point where I need to write, I need to get these ideas out of my mind and writing again. It feels so good!

Tools are multi-use for various genres, so don’t be afraid to pick a format out that is indicating fantasy or sci-fi or romance for your crime novel, or horror. If you don’t see anything you like, there is always the ability to create something of your own!

What are your favorite resources?


Lead photo courtesy of http://inspireportal.com



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