I wrote something similar as far as scheduling, “Can’t find time to write?” Often times, something similar should be written, and well, often. To help writers, bloggers and any other person struggling to balance life needs to know what is key.

A schedule for me on any daily process varies since I don’t necessarily work full-time, an offset to being on call. I still try to sit down for a period of time, like now, drinking my coffee and blasting Britney’s latest album in my ears while my kids are playing Lego Dimensions and laundry begins to dry in the dryer. My life seems semi-chaotic at times, even in the throes of a head cold.

Tip #1

Set a writing schedule. I failed massively this week and did not get a post up on Tuesday, and I may write another just to make up for it.

Is that schedule in the morning with your coffee, or at night after the kids have gone to bed with a cup of lavender earl grey tea? Yes, I have done both to accommodate to any mess that the day brings. Make sure you plan on writing every day! It is a lot like reading in schools – reading every day helps kids grow as readers, and they end up knowing more words in any given lifetime. Well, I guess writing would be a lot like such.

A schedule for me currently is getting up at 6 am, waiting for a call to see if I am teaching that day. Most often I get called in. I end up at the high school most often, so I work about 7:30 am till about 3:30 pm. I bring my laptop with me so that I can connect to the internet and get most of my work done. Writing a post of one of them.

When I get home from work, I tend to a load of laundry, begin dinner and dishes. After the kids are fed, I get some me-time, and I hide on the couch with my laptop, earphones and start writing most days. Others, I draft up ideas for stories, maybe try my hand at poetry, other times I online shop.

When I was an undergrad, it was a matter of moving my studying hours around my work hours and then any writing or blogging that was personal around my school hours. I would even take an hour long break from my studies to write something personal because it was a great way to empty my head of anything that kept circling. I could come back to my studies and write or work productively, helping my overall balance.

Tip #2

Buy a day planner!

These are a huge lifesaver. In any sense, if you don’t want to waste paper, utilize what you have on your phone or computer and have reminders sent to you. It is an excellent way to work on planning and getting into a solid routine.

I use both my phone to remind me when a blog post is due and my day planner. Wal-Mart and Target have great choices for no more than $10.

Tip #3

Drink a lot of coffee.

Tip #4

Pretend you’re Hemingway, drink scotch and write without editing until you are 100% done.


Tip #5

When you feel like nothing is getting done, turn off your email, social media and put away your phone for half an hour, or so and make yourself write.

Tip #6

If you find that you are still sitting around, ask yourself why? If you can dig to the root of the cause, you can often times take a step back, fix it and get back to work.

From personal experience, a lot of mine procrastination was social media, and I had a case of writer’s block. The phone would get put in the kitchen or another room I was not working. The writer’s block, I would just begin to write about my day and let it flow. If it were a college paper, I would start writing on a piece of information, and it would become easier.

Tip #7

Sleep! It is crucial to get a set amount of hours each night so that we can wake up refreshed and relaxed. If you can’t sleep, may I recommend an excellent lavender vanilla candle or Eucalyptus Spearmint from Bath and Body Works, or lavender or peppermint essential oils? I enjoy Calily essential oils!

Tip #8



I highly recommend getting online and looking up some basic stretches, starting a practice. I find that when I am having a hard time, I stand tall with my eyes closed. I ease myself into a criss-cross position, eyes still closed. I will then open my eyes, move right up and over onto all fours for cat and cow to warm up my spine. I have several stretches that I do and no better than a basic beginner, but downward dog helps along with a few warrior positions. Here are some yoga basics for you!

Better yet…

Tip #9

Pump some iron. Whatever your stress reliever is, find it and use it to your advantage!

Tip #10

Set your priorities. This can be simplier than one would think. Do you really need to go to the store for a half-gallon of ice cream? Can you wait to put gas in your car in the morning before you head to work? Do you have to hang out with your BFF tonight? Ask yourself if you really need the distraction and how you can work around it. Often times, it may be an emergency and we understand that! But if it becomes a hinderance to your writing, maybe we should put it off for just a little and after you publish that post, then go get ice cream as a reward.

Tip #11

Organize everything around you from the day planner on your desk, to the tools on your desk. Everything that falls into place has a place, making it so much easier to navigate rather than struggling to remember when you had a cup of coffee and where that fancy blue fountain pen was placed.

When the clutter is mimimal, we spend less time thinking and more time doing!

Tip #12

As the last few tips have suggested, take a few minutes now and then to rebalance your day. Stress and anxiety won’t do you any good when you know you have a lot to do. Yelling or beginning to argue out of irritation will make things worse. I have been there numerous times!


Scheduling is the biggest hurdle many us have, and I know exactly what you mean when you have appointments, meetings, and mommy or daddy things to do. I have them too. This week, I had a PTSO meeting, worked most of the week, volunteered for a movie night fundraiser at my kids’ school and all while battling the brunt of a head cold. We all have our moments.

I know I have wanted to write this blog post for a while and it hasn’t been easy. This morning wasn’t exactly writing material, but sometimes sticking to a schedule and making yourself write for an hour, or twenty minutes can do you some good.

We all have tips that can help us use our time better. What tips would you give?

Lead image courtesy of http://www.secondsetofhands.ca



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