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I am writing this out of pure boredom honestly, but I am trying to process the highs and the lows thus far. Perhaps the laziness of the day is trying to keep me productive, but then again, I haven’t done nothing more than make a pot of coffee. Eager to get through this month, eager to get back on my feet, I am mostly optimistic, but there is that small sliver in me that begs to differ. What will happen?

I think the biggest thing that comes to my mind is the taste of success, the taste of dreams coming true and being financially stable. I finally am now working part time as a substitute for the school district, which is great! The only down fall is my first check is weeks away.

My husband is on the verge of full-time employment as well. He has been with his work one year today, which is amazing! But there has been a bit of a hill, a low blow and now we are creeping back up a hill.

Long story short, someone is going to part time, meaning his full-time job opened up to the other staff. The one guy that took the posting was someone who always talked smack, never acted on what he said and when the job was so close to being my husband’s, he took the job. Now we have to wait another week for the pool to close for the other full-time employees. Who’s to say it won’t happen again? It could but I hope nothing goes against us.

The other workers understand our situation and seem to wholeheartedly want my husband as a full-time employee so one can hope that it goes our way.


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In other news, I have officially put myself on the radar for the MA program through Southern New Hampshire University. Enrolling may take a short while since I only requested information yesterday (Friday 13th). I know there is an enrollment fee and quite frankly, it is the least of my worries. When our priorities are set and we have wiggle room financially, I will be making way and making my last educational adventure.

I have to remind myself that this is one small hurdle as we travel to something much bigger. January is just the beginning of the year so by the end of this month, I pray that things will be smooth sailing.




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