I have been thinking about my next blog post. Honestly, I struggled to find the niche I wanted ever so much. When I began college, I wondered where life would take me, and I still do. I have looked at my life too much, thinking I needed to reflect on how things were going. Trust me, life has been a struggle these last few days, and all I can do is hold my head up high and keep writing, working and looking into grad school.

Without further ado, how to find your niche or genre!

When looking at a genre or a niche for your writing, it comes down to one simple question. What are you passionate about? Or one could ask, what do you enjoy writing about?

For me, I have considered myself to be one of those struggling writers. I love gaming, makeup, clothes, coffee, Netflix, and teaching. I could write about a lot of those topics, even the ones not as familiar because research will be at the core of no matter what you write.

For a blog, I write about finding yourself as a writer, the goals you should be setting, and my personal experiences as I begin my writing career. My overall goal with this blog is to connect with writers, published or unpublished, we can connect and share stories on where we are, how we are moving forward and filling those writing blocks. Further, I want to expand on ideas, life experiences, my journey to grad school; although this does have a main focal point, I will be delving into other topics.


If you are picky, create a second blog for more random posts that are more personal. For myself, I have a category that I use titled “Life”. When I make any sort of personal post, I click that little box and it tells my readers that it is a personal post. I also have “Film”, “Reviews”, and “Writing”.

When finding that groove when it comes to writing, decide what you are good at. If you are into business, perhaps write about the stock market, B2B marketing, finance, amongst other things. Into fashion, then move to your outfit of the day, colors and trends of the season, designers to watch, and so on.

To find your niche, figure out what you love and own it. Just because there are thousands of others, don’t stress, it means that the market is huge, meaning there is plenty of opportunity for paid writing jobs and getting your name out there will be that much easier. It takes time.

  • Identify your strength – add photos if you are a good at photography, or write the hell out of your work. Are you able to collage? Use that as your strength and make it your own. How about figuring out what is happening before anyone else can predict it?
  • Study other blogs or magazines as they can be a wealth of information as you pursue your writing journey. The research will be vital to any writing career. When writing more fiction or non-fiction, finding authors that inspire you will also help.
  • Demographics are just as important. When it comes to writing, who do you want to reach out to? Men who are into hunting, girls who love makeup, moms who are into interior design, then research those age groups. Figure out where they are located and dig into how styles changes in different regions.
  • Write frequently. Write about the same time every week, so it is easier to predict when a post will occur. I set goals to post Tuesdays and Saturdays. It’s not something that I enforce, but it sets dates in my head to I can write these ideas that flutter inside my head. Writing once per week should be just as sufficient and build upwards.
  • Use your own personal experience to one-up the game. Use your time at Microsoft to talk about the latest games, updates and possible new consoles coming in the future.

When it comes to writing, or blogging, finding a niche can be the toughest thing yet. I found that now it’s creating the content. Pinterest helps spark ideas, google keywords or ideas and more reading will also help. Start to finish, a blog can take me a couple hours including editing, tags, SEO, photos and such. I even get lost in a movie or show on Netflix and have to refocus my train of thought. No one is perfect, but if you love it enough, you will move mountains.


Photo credit: http://www.freelancerfaqs.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/right-niche-992×486.jpg



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