“I have a million things to do. I will just have to put writing off today.”

Edit: As I make edits to this, I wonder how many people have already decided to push back an article, or delay the editing process somehow. This weekend, we celebrated my mom’s birthday a week early, took the kids to their other grandma’s and are currently drinking coffee in the peace and quiet of our own home today. It’s the little moments like this when I feel the most productive.

Yes, I get that it is hard to find time writing when you get so busy. I have been there too and often set my personal goals aside when another needs my help. I understand being selfless and caring, but there are times when you need to put YOU first!

But you’re an amateur writer, unpublished, and very little posted on your blog, do you even know what the hell you are talking about?

theamericangenius.com (2014)

Yes, I do actually.

I set goals to write a blog post every week, or twice per week. Then the goals to read and write 30 minutes a day, whether I get up a few minutes earlier, or lay in bed that little bit longer after the littles go down. The truth is, I have a bad habit of putting it off too.

Setting a pattern can take up to six weeks. Frankly, I hit week 3 and hit that proverbial wall. SMACK! Ouch, right?

When something is important, you make time to accomplish those goals. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Writers all struggle at some point to get into a habit/schedule/routine. Find that motivation that will push you a little bit further. Create a playlist, put your ears in and write. Lock yourself in the room where quiet seems too quiet. Pretend you’re the lead character in a story and put yourself through hell, climbing mountains, finding the love of your life, or whatever comes to mind.

I am a substitute teacher and work the same hours while my kids are in school. Yeah, it does hinder my schedule. I come home, do laundry, clean the kitchen, cook dinner, make sure the kids are ready for bed and by 9 pm, I have time to myself. I take a long, hot shower, or read a book (which is a goal to read more), but the writing lacks behind.

What has helped me?

I write when I feel motivated and then schedule the post when I am finished with all those pesky edits. I feel accomplished when something is completed since it really is one more thing to my resume. I am displaying my strengths and showing that I have knowledge on given topics. I feel confident and good about myself to the point where I think my priorities are straight – a perfect balance.

Another idea that has helped me is setting the alarm on my phone, twice per week and it reminds me that I need to write something or publish a post. Having drafts in your blog helps. Add photos, add tags and a category, share and voila!

Last night, I was watching Vampire Diaries (getting caught up on one of my guilty pleasures (Thanks, Netflix)) and I had a great story idea based off the plot of season 6. I opened a word document and began writing. I don’t know if it will turn into anything, but the idea that it could at least be a short story is something. One more step to my goal.

Stay positive because all writers have struggles and bumps in the road. Push yourself, no matter how tired you are. You won’t get far if you don’t work for it.

“Good things come to those who hustle” – Katie (CEO – Metal Marvels)



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