Much of this year has been a huge testament to my faith, sending me through an emotional spiral of good and bad. It has been one hell of a roller coaster and I am getting sick. I am ready to stop, get the fuck off and begin a new endeavor.

2017 is going to be my year. I can feel it!

Academically, I believe that I could be achieving my masters degree that I have long since wanted. Go me! I will be enrolling sometime in January, hopefully if all goes in my favor.


Professionally this will lead to other roads, such as teaching, which I think was something that I was meant to do. Many don’t know, but I did substitute teach for the school district middle of the year, just as school was getting out. In June of 2016, I taught 2nd, 3rd and 6th grade. All of which were a learning experience. I think that if I stick to it, many of the classes will know that I take my job seriously. I was lucky enough to have those few teachers who were passionate about what they did that it resonated with me. Here I am now, at the brink of 2017, ready to share my love of education with others.

Long story short, I have had a hard time with my work life this last year. I had found full time work in August, but to only get terminated a few months later. Now, I am going to back to subbing and I couldn’t be any more excited.

I have also applied for a teaching position for an English teacher at the college level. Here in Washington state, because I only have a Bachelor’s, I am only limited to English 100 and below, which is perfectly fine with me since I am getting started in my academic career, but I feel like I am paving that path that I need to be on.

This is where that lovely master’s degree will come in. I would love to teach more advanced classes, above 100 level, or even courses from Ashford University where I pursued my undergraduate degrees, or the future location of my graduate studies, Southern New Hampshire University! Only time will tell, and how hard I work for it.

I will be posting a story on that decision later on including the degree of choice, but as you can see, I am a HUGE advocate for online education. Never would be possible in my life to travel to a campus several nights a week, but some people make it work. I applaud them.

Back to the New Year.

Personally, I want to expand my horizons and become more well-rounded. Setting goals in my academic career and professional career are important. But I think that if I make a personal goal to write more, to read more in my personal time, I think it will help. Writing has been such an integral part of my life since I can remember, so it makes sense to push and not give up. To expand my horizons and read something that I never thought I would read. Maybe pick up a historical fiction now and then, a murder mystery or some off the wall Stephen King horror. I stick to the same romance or young adult fantasy, which are great, but expand in more than one way.

So cheers lovelies, here is to MY year. A year that I will make mine after all the torture, the pain and disappointment 2016 has brought. I will have to work for it, but I know it will be in my favor. May 2017 forever be in your favor!

Seattle New Year 2016, Courtesy of CBS Seattle

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